Johara Dungan. She's a fifteen year old lass living in Davao City. She's a brace-faced vampire. She's filled with thoughts she can't express into words. She'd rather be called coffee princess than whiskey princess. She's inlove with The Vampire Diaries and HIMYM. A lass who's book freak and shopaholic. xx




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226♥ // July 26,2014, 1:00am

Free spirits and wild flowers, 07/25/14

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14♥ // July 25,2014, 9:48am

July 25, 2014

1. No classes today because our class president begged our teachers not to have classes today. Weee!
2. Decided to watch a movie with my classmates.
3. We watched She’s Dating The Gangster. Actually, I don’t really feel like watching it because um, I just dont feel it. Hahaha.
4. I cried in the movie especially the scene where they met for the last time.
5. I really cried.
6. Vince even offered his hanky to me because I was crying.
7. We ate pre-dinner at McDo while waiting for our studio pics.
8. A great Friday indeed.

993♥ // July 24,2014, 22:52pm
You were not made for the shame in his eyes when he can’t explain to his friends why he loves you.

Azra Tabassum (via agresnep)

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2030♥ // July 24,2014, 10:19am
Of all the things I am not very good at, living in the real world is perhaps the most outstanding.

Anne Tyler, The Accidental Tourist (via feellng)

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7♥ // July 23,2014, 9:07am
back to the days when my hair was lengthy 💇🙅

back to the days when my hair was lengthy 💇🙅

4♥ // July 23,2014, 7:00am

After prelims. Chika sesh plus kulitan moments with these gals! 💕

9♥ // July 18,2014, 22:12pm

I was on top of Davao last Monday! 🌳🌲

6♥ // July 18,2014, 10:27am

I’ve lost many things-
I lost my favorite diary
in our old house;
I lost my only toy
when I was playing outside;
I lost my books
in a place I don’t know.
I lost the gift my dad
gave me;
I lost the handkerchief mom
used to give me;
I lost the bracelet my teacher
gave me as a token;
I lost my Christmas gifts;
I broke my guitar;
I destroyed my favorite shoes;
I lost things that are memorable.

I even lost my friends and…
But how do I lose these scars
I have in my heart?
But how do I lose everything
I’ve always wanted to forget?

j.d. \ depareillethoughts
36087♥ // July 18,2014, 10:21am
I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.

John Burroughs (via larmoyante)

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6♥ // July 17,2014, 20:53pm


Tbh buong afternoon ako nagccry yesterday and i swear to God depareillethoughts made my night kahapon. Grabe hahahahaha love you girl!!!

Aweee, I’m glad I made you happy on your birthday. I love you, too! Take care always 💕